“How to revive Rotary Clubs”- a manual by Firudin Abdullaev

"All efficient Clubs are alike, all the inefficient ones are different ", says Firudin Abdullaev.

Doctor Firudin Abdullaev, an active member of the Rotary Club of Volgograd since 1997, the Chair of the Membership Committee, District 2220 Governor’s Assistant, the Committee Chairman for Partner Exchange has presented his book at the 2220 District Assembly on the 27th of September.


Doctor Abdullaev says:

“This is a great honor for me to share my expertise with Rotarians all over the world. I’ll be very glad if those Rotarians use my advice”.

“Reviving any sort of a complicated system is always similar: whether it is reviving a person, a family, a community or even the whole state. I first got to know about the Rotary movement in Richmond, Kentucky, USA in 1996 from one of the most respected US Rotarians, Rotary Past Governor and President of the American Dental Association, Doctor Murphy, who I stayed at. I promised him to come back to Richmond when I become the President of the Rotary Club in my home city. In 1997 the Rotary Club of Volgograd became the candidate and already in 1998 it received its Charter! So, as I had promised, I went to Richmond for the second time, being the President of the  Rotary Club of Volgograd and made my speech from a high tribune in the year 2000”.

The problem of reviving Rotary Clubs is topical these days. After having studied more than 50 Clubs from 5 countries, Firudin put the results of his research into a book, called “How to revive Rotary Clubs or a hand book for a Club healer”. This book is published in two languages (Russian and English) and is very popular with Russian 2220 and 2225 Districts and with foreign Districts as well.

You can preview the book in Russian and download it here:


You can preview the book in English and download it here


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